Thursday, 3 August 2017

Amazon FireTV Stick Review: Amazon brings Prime content to your HDTV with the FireTV Stick

When Amazon launched it’s Prime Video streaming service in India last year, Netflix had to gear up for some stiff competition. while it did lack on the content front, but Amazon Prime did manage to ruffle feathers as the service extended to premium delivery Amazon purchases as well - all for Rs. 500/year. 

This opposed to Netflix’s Rs.650/month just for HD video content meant people were queuing up at Amazon. Although it offered every series under the sun, there was no way to stream this to your television, and HD videos are not as mych fun on the laptop or handheld device as an HD TV. Of course, you could always hook up your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable, but let’s be honest - who really has the time and patience to do that?

That’s when Amazon upped the ante with the FireTV stick earlier this year. You could now stream all the amazon prime content (and so much more) directly to your television.

Amazon FireTV stick comes in a neatly packaged bundle of the FireTV HDMI dongle, an HDMI extender (for easy of connecting it to wall mounted TVs), a USB power cable, a remote and batteries for the remote. The build quality and finish on all of this leaves nothing to be desired. 

The FireTV stick is fairly easy to set up - no rocket science, even for the technologically challenged. There’s a small animated video that plays out, once you plug it in to take you through all the points of installation. And once you’ve put in your Wi-Fi password to connect to your home network and your Amazon password to connect to your prime account, you’re good to go. You can also use the setup to stream content from other apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Voot, Hotstar, and Sony Liv among other.
The remote is the star here. The joystick ring style button makes maneuvering through the menus a breeze. and the cursor intuitively lands on the buttons you need to press. The voice input button works great too, but it only searches through Amazon Prime content. If you say `Jessica Jones’ into the mic don’t expect it to go through the Netflix app to bring up the show.

The FireTV is not perfect though. It doesn’t allow you to cast something immediately off your phone at the press of a button, like the Chromecast does. If you want to see a YouTube video on your television, then you have to open the YouTube app on FireTV, navigate to the search bar and type what you’re looking for using the joystick over a virtual keyboard. This can be annoying and tiring.
All in all, it’s a great package for Rs.3,999; especially if you have a high appetite for movies and TV shows. The ease of installation, use and practically zero glitches make this a great addition to your home TV set up.

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