Friday, 18 August 2017

Infinix Note 4 Review – A Good budget phone that lacks the performance

Infinix Note 4 is yet another run-of-the-mill budget Android phone. Though it is quite a nice looker and feels good to hold, unlike other obvious shoe-string Androids.

The name, Note it!
Seriously? As if there are no other names out there. Another brand trying to act like Samsung (which in effect tries to act like Apple) calling their own phone “Note”. I’m sure the company must be very happy with their brand name too as it already has an “i” in it inspired from the world’s most premium brand and “Note” from the most world’s most over-sold brand.

The BIG 5.7 inch Screen really stands out. I personally dislike really big phones and yet such a big screen and that too a Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen in such a low price is quite the feat. The display isn’t just big in size, it actually produces good colours, is crisp, has good viewing angles and the touch is quite responsive.

Infinix Note 4 review - side by side
The huge 5.7 inch screen next to Nexus 5 inch screen. The entire Nexus 5 can fit on the screen of this phone.

The Camera
The camera is surprisingly decent. It doesn’t create ugly overly sharpened photos unlike many budget phone cameras do, for a budget handset, it performs really well in broad daylight and is decent in low-light too. Though, its white balancing is a little off I noticed, some photos appear a bit washed out.

Infinix Note 4 review - daylight shots
 First photo of the garden ought to be sunnier than what it shows

Infinix Note 4 review - night light
Did a good job in the night shots

Infinix Note 4 review - low light shot
 Nothing to talk about but a commendable job nonetheless in very low light photography

The battery is good. After all, it has a 4300mAh under the large 5.7-inch screen. The battery will “aaram se” last you more than a day and a half depending on your usage. At least you won’t have to run around for a charging point, even if the battery lasts for one day.


The handset will understandably feel heavy as it is at 202g, though it does maintain a slim look for a big screen handset at 8.4mm thickness.

The not so Good
The performance of this handset is “understandably” not up to the mark. You can completely forget gaming on this. You will not get the performance that you will need for smooth gameplay in heavy games. The CPU, a MediaTek MT6753 Octa Core 1.3 GHz with Mali T720 GPU is a bit of a slouch. More GHz would’ve certainly helped more than a number of cores. In any case, for regular use that is non-gaming types, the Note 4 is okay, strictly average, as with heavy apps it does tend to show disappointing lag. This is where the caveat “Budget phone” really starts to show itself.

Operating System
The Infinix Note 4 uses a custom XOS Chameleon v2.3 OS on Android 7.0 Nougat and remains unchanged pretty much from their Note 3 phone. That means and yes you guessed it right, you’ll find bloatware apps pre-loaded on the phone, a minor annoyance or a deal breaker, that’s up to you.

Fingerprint Magnet
The phone is a good looker, however, the back is totally reflective and shiny, and is quite the fingerprint magnet.

For a good big screen phone on a budget for Rs 8,999, this is a good recommendation. However, avoid it completely if performance matters to you.

Go for this phone if you want:-
- Big good quality screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
- A good looker
- A Decent camera
- Good battery life
- A budget phone with all of the above

Don’t go for it if you want:-
- Good gaming performance
- Good performance overall

5.7 inch Full HD Display
3 GB RAM | 32 GB ROM | Expandable Upto 128 GB
13MP Rear Camera | 8MP Front Camera
4300 mAh Li-polymer Battery
Mediatek MT6753 Octa Core 1.3 Ghz Processor
Android Nougat 7.0
Dual SIM with Dedicated Memory Card Slot
Front and Rear Flash
Fingerprint Sensor

-By Nikhil Rastogi

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