Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My first impressions of Apple iPhone X

I have been an Apple Fanboy from the time I could afford one from my hard-earned money and iPhone X launch was no different as I waited for 4.5 hours on 4th November to get my hands on it from the Apple Union Square Store in San Francisco. My wait was nothing compared to the gentleman who waited for 6 days to be the first one to get the iPhone X.

  1. Automatic Setup: More of an iOS 11 feature, the transfer of content from my old iPhone to this one was a breeze.
  2. First 10 minutes of hassle: If you have been a prolonged iPhone user like me then you need to unlearn a few steps to get comfortable with this beauty but in not more than 10 minutes you will become a pro in handling iPhone X and will not miss past gens of iPhone.
  3. RIP Home Button: Given the great user experience, you will not miss the home button at all and suddenly makes one feel why the button existed in the first place.
  4. Face ID: I loved the responsiveness of Face ID and it continues to surprise me with every usage and the best part is that it recognizes your face in utter darkness and will not unlock the phone if someone else is holding it against you. I still miss Touch ID at times when the phone is lying flat on my office desk and I need to just check a notification but other than that Face ID is a sheer consumer delight.
  5. Fits in my palm: I am an iPhone 7 Plus user. I always wanted large display to fit in my palm and with iPhone X’s 5.8-inch display, I get a display bigger than my old phone (5.5-inch) and all within my palm’s reach.
  6. Storage: Given the future applications architecture the 64 GB would have been less and therefore I got myself the 256 GB iPhone X as however ideally Apple should have taken out the 128 GB and 256 GB phones but then they would have breached the psychological price point barrier of sub 1000 US$ phone (64 GB iPhone X = 999 US$) and they need to keep the cash register ringing.

    By-Manish Aggarwal

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