Monday, 4 September 2017

OnePlus celebrates 1,000 days in India

OnePlus today announced the successful completion of 1,000 days of its operations in India. To celebrate the milestone with its users, OnePlus has announced a special promotion event ‘OnePlus 1,000 Days’.  
 What started out as a simple idea: to provide the world with the best Android Flagship, has come a long way since then.  Today, OnePlus is successfully positioned as a customer-first and innovative player in the premium smartphone segment. As per the recent IDC Q2 2017 market report, OnePlus has a market share of 14% in the premium smartphone segment ($400 and above).

The OnePlus journey in India began with the launch of our very first flagship OnePlus One that disrupted the smartphone industry with its unique system adaptation abilities. The brand continued to disrupt the industry with its own operating system Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. The company’s motto of ‘never settle’ was further enforced with the launch of its fourth model, the OnePlus 3, a phone that introduced the fastest and safest battery charging technology (Dash Charge).

The OnePlus 3T, its successor, improved the brand’s offering with greater features and propelled it to the top 3 premium smartphones by the end of the year. The OnePlus 5, launched in June this year, represents the pinnacle of OnePlus’ desire to provide its users with the best possible user experience with the highest resolution Dual Camera set-up and unmatched performance with up to 8GB of RAM coupled with world’s fastest processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and its proprietary Dash Charge technology. 

Source: Techpads

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