Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bosch Power Tools Unveils The Only Smart Screwdriver ‘Bosch GO’

Bosch Power Tools India, has announced a smart screwdriver called ‘Bosch GO’. The smartness of this screwdriver lies in the fact that it can get the work done with a simple push, thus reducing all the physical efforts needed in the manual process. 

It’s intelligent clutch system knows when to stop on reaching the target torque. The user can also switch from automatic to manual mode seamlessly. This compact innovative screwdriver is powered by lithium-ion battery and would be available on Flipkart and Amazon for purchase.

With an eye on UX, Bosch has aesthetically designed this smart screwdriver to look like any other manual screwdriver.  ‘Bosch GO’ can tighten or loose screws with an adjustable 5/2.5 Nm torque, achieving speed up to 360 rpm. 

It is as light as 280 grams and has a spindle lock to use the product manually, when auto mode is not needed. Its 3.6V 1.5Ah battery can be charged with a micro-USB charging point. Along with the main unit, ‘Bosch GO’ comes with 33 pc accessories kit, USB adapter and a USB cable in a plastic case.

The product is available immediately on the ecommerce portals, Amazon and Flipkart and priced at INR 2399/- against an MRP of INR 4450/-. 'Bosch GO' will be available at dealer stores across India from October onwards.

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