Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Get an accurate 12-digit address for every corner of India, with LinCodes!

When your car breaks down on the highway, or you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, when your taxi can’t find the exact location or you see a huge pothole in the middle of the road, wouldn’t it be great to be able to lead the right people directly to your location?  

Similarly, even in emergency situations, when ambulances, police vehicles and fire trucks have to find the right location, an accurate map will simply help save a lot of time, and a lot of lives.

LinCodes is an application that does exactly that. It divides the entire country into a grid of 10ftX10ft squares for easy accessibility, with each square assigned a unique 12-digit address in numerical form, leading to a very well-defined addressing and way-finding system. This method also provides a defined and amazingly simple way to lead anybody to a particular location. Using the app is quite effortless as well. One can search for any stored address or generate a code for a particular location and share it with anybody else, even in offline mode.

Download the LinCodes App from Google Play Store on Android and App Store for iOS or Windows app or navigate to website – www.lincodes.com

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