Wednesday, 26 April 2017

VOOT Partners Google To Launch Video-On-Demand Progressive Web App

VOOT, Viacom18’s ad-supported Video-On-Demand OTT service has turned its mobile website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) which allows reliable, fast, and engaging experience for users on mobile web. 

Gaurav Gandhi, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures, commented, “In this business both content and technology have equal equity in realizing the potential of our Consumer Proposition. While content is our domain expertise, to push the envelope in terms of technology, we continuously work with partners from around the world. We are delighted to work closely with Google to launch VOOT on the PWA platform. This launch significantly enhances the experience for all VOOT users on mobile browsers and we believe this is a big step where users can have an equally rich experience of our service without downloading the app”

VOOT is available as both a native app and a mobile web app. It offers close to 35000 hours of premium. VOOT launched its new UI first on mobile web, ahead of desktop web and native app. Just after the launch, the video watch time on mobile web jumped over 39% and is comparable to that of native apps. The improvements also reduced load times, reduced abandonments, and resulted in much better conversions.

John Pallett, Product Manager at Google, said, “We are delighted with the Voot implementation of a Progressive Web App. PWAs are well suited for India, where the mobile web allows publishers to reach a large audience across a highly diverse set of devices and bandwidth.  The early numbers on performance are very encouraging, and demonstrate the potential of mobile web media distribution”

VOOT PWA includes offline page caching functionality, fast loading, responsive interface and push notifications. The ‘Add to Home Screen’ feature of PWA launches the page from home screen like a native app and a service worker decreases load times. VOOT is one of the earliest adopters of this technology. To reduce the data transfer, VOOT has optimised its images specifically for mobile. The site now dynamically serves either JPEG or WebP images depending upon browser capabilities, that minimise image data size, resulting into seamless viewing experience.

These optimizations resulted in a 63% reduction in first-view page load data transfer and an 86% reduction in data transfer for repeat users. Page loads became 5 times quicker for first-time visitors, and almost 7 times faster for returning users.

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